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1. Submission of the paper

Authors are encouraged to submit their manuscripts electronically as an e-mail attachment if the manuscripts are prepared in an editable format. Manuscripts may be submitted to ysp@korea.ac.kr or ysp1380@naver.com. Submission due dates are February 28 and August 30 for the review and publication. The Journal is published in May and November every year.

2. Preparation of the paper

General: The manuscript should be in English. Exceptionally Korean and Chinese are accepted. The first page of an article should contain: (1) short title(reflecting the content of the paper), (2) name(s),and affiliation(s), and address(es) of all the author(s), (3) name and address of the corresponding author to whom the proofs should be sent and (4) an abstract of 100-200 words and key words of maximum ten. The text should include a list of references which reflect the current state of Korean language education. The paper should be concluded by proper conclusions which reflect the findings or discussions in the paper. The length of the paper should be about 25 journal pages (single column, A4). At the end of the manuscript, the author should attach a separate page including his/her name, affiliation, telephone number(not mobile) and e-mail address.
The manuscripts should use above Hangeul 2007 0r MS Word. The subheadings should be numbered  as 1, 1.1, 1.1.1, (1), ①. All the headings and subheadings should be written in one line apart from the text above. if the paper is co-authored, the first author should be marked (*) in the footnote.
In the text, a simple citation of the reference should be written in the following manner (William Herbert:12).

Tables and figures: Tables and figures should be consecutively numbered and headed with short titles. They should be referred to in the text as Fig 1, Table 1, etc.

References: References to published literature should be referred in the text by the last name(s) of the first author(s) and the year of publication (e.g., Y. Park (2010). References are listed in the alphabetical order of the last name of the first author in an appendix at the end of the paper. References should be basically in English (exceptionally 1 or 2 references in local languages are allowed) and sufficient to reflect the current state-of-the art.

3. Peer Review

The submitted manuscripts should undergo the peer review process. The reviewers should choose one of the four categories, accept, accept after revision, re-review after revision, reject. If revision is requested, the reviewer must present the reasons. When the reviewers decide to reject the paper, the reasons should also be presented. At least two positive review results should be received for a manuscript to be accepted for publication.

4. Revisions

If any reviewer suggests to revise the manuscript, it will be sent to the corresponding author for revision. The revised manuscript should be returned in a week for re-review.

5. Proofs

The proofs will be sent to the corresponding author for the final correction. At this time, only correcting typing errors is allowed. The final proofs should be returned within 48 hours.

6. Copyright

Submission of a paper to “International Journal of Korean Language Education” is assumed that it presents original and unpublished work and is not under consideration for publication elsewhere. On acceptance of a paper submitted, the copyright thereof is transferred to the publisher.

7. Publication Ethics

All authors should follow the publication ethics which is presented in the journal. If any violation of the ethics is found, the reviewing procedure of the paper will be stopped instantly and drop off the paper under consideration.


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