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International Journal of Korean Language Education(IJK) is published by the International Foundation for Korean Language and Culture Education (IFK) twice a year, in June and December. This will contribute for the global community of Korean language education to develop and enhance its educational programs and to promote the status of Korean language internationally.

This journal will also provide an excellent forum on exchanging ideas and informations among researchers and members of the foundation in communication, mutual understanding and cooperation in research.

The journal aims at providing a major publication channel for researchers and educators in the area of Teaching Korean Language  as a second/foreign language all over the world. The areas covered by the journal include the Korean language education related to;
∙General theories of language education focused on the spoken and written Korean
∙First and second language acquisition
∙Bilingual education
∙Teaching contents
∙Teaching Methods
∙Teaching Materials
∙Teacher training
∙Contrastive analysis and other related fields.


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