* 국제한국어교육 4권 1호 (2018.5.30) 표지, 목차, 규정, 판권am.11:31, Tuesday
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장 향 실
조선시대 외국어 교육의 목표와 내용 - 사역원의 중국어 교육을 중심으로 - ··· 1
Nicola Fraschini
Language ownership and belonging in overseas Koreans ································ 23
조사 사용 오류 분석을 통한 한국어 교육 방안····································· 47
김 유 범
한국어교육에서의 훈민정음 해례본 활용 방안 연구·························· 79
Hakyoon Lee & Bumyong Choi
Look Around You! A Linguistic Landscape Project in Study Abroad Context in Korea ···· 113
Sooyun Lee
Willingness to Communicate in Korean Individualized Instruction Program ·· 139
Kyoungwon Oh
The song ‘Spring of Hometown’ as an authentic language learning material in a KFL classroom ···· 165

사단법인 국제한국어교육문화재단 정관······················································ 183
논문 투고 규정································································································ 191
논문 심사 규정································································································ 195
연구 윤리 규정································································································ 199
The International Foundation for Korean Language & Culture Education, corp. Articles of Association ·· 204
Thesis Submission Regulation ············································································· 214
Thesis Screening Regulations ·············································································· 219
Research Ethics Regulation ················································································· 221


  국제한국어교육 4권 2호 (2018.11.30) 겉표지, 속표지   
관리자  18-11-30
  국제한국어교육 4권 2호 (2018.11.30) 표지, 목차, 규정, 판권   
관리자  18-11-30
  국제한국어교육 4권 2호, Yoon Hwa Choi & Hye Seung Lee. 2018. An Empirical Study on Clarification Requests in Korean Language Education."   
관리자  18-11-30
  국제한국어교육 4권 2호, Kyoungmi Ha. 2018. Native and Non-native Speakers’ Expressions of Disagreement in Korean Conversation.   
관리자  18-11-30
  국제한국어교육 4권 2호, Hyejin Jang. 2018. Exploring The Development of Intercultural Competence of Korean Language Learners at University Level.   
관리자  18-11-30
  국제한국어교육 4권 2호, Jaehyun Jo. 2018. The Stance and Subjectivity in the Use of the Korean Post-Verbal Negation '-ci anh-' in the Telephone Conversation.   
관리자  18-11-30
  국제한국어교육 4권 2호, Alice Joo. 2018. KHL learners’ case particle substitution errors: an investigation of -i/ka, -un/nun, -ul/lul, -ey and -eyse.   
관리자  18-11-30
  국제한국어교육 4권 2호, 이관규. 2018. 외국인을 위한 한국어 문법 교육 연구의 흐름과 과제.   
관리자  18-11-30
  국제한국어교육 4권 2호, M.Ertan GÖKMEN. 2018. A New Parameter on K-Education: Fusion of Korean Education and CEFR on Korean Language Education.   
관리자  18-11-30
  국제한국어교육 4권 2호, Seong-Chul Shin. 2018. Parental Attitudes towards Heritage Language Resources in the Australian Korean Community.   
관리자  18-11-30
  국제한국어교육 4권 2호, 함향. 2018. 중국인 학습자를 위한 한국어 ‘좀’에 대한 연구.   
관리자  18-11-30
  국제한국어교육 4권 2호, 주우동. 2018. 한국어 학습자 중간언어 통사적 복잡성 연구: 한국어 문어 숙달도 측정 지표로서의 적절성.   
관리자  18-11-30
  국제한국어교육 4권 1호 (2018.5.30) 겉표지, 속표지   
관리자  18-07-17
  국제한국어교육 4권 1호 (2018.5.30) 표지, 목차, 규정, 판권   
관리자  18-07-17
  국제한국어교육 4권 1호, 장향실. 2018. 조선시대 외국어 교육의 목표와 내용: 사역원의 중국어 교육을 중심으로.   
관리자  18-05-30
  국제한국어교육 4권 1호, Nicola Fraschini. 2018. Language ownership and belonging in overseas Koreans.   
관리자  18-05-30
  국제한국어교육 4권 1호, 정주리, 유해준. 2018. 조사 사용 오류 분석을 통한 한국어 교육 방안.   
관리자  18-05-30
  국제한국어교육 4권 1호, 김유범. 2018. 한국어교육에서의 『훈민정음』 해례본 활용 방안 연구.   
관리자  18-05-30
  국제한국어교육 4권 1호, Hakyoon Lee & Bumyong Choi. 2018. Look Around You! A Linguistic Landscape Project in Study Abroad Context in Korea.   
관리자  18-05-30
  국제한국어교육 4권 1호, Sooyun Lee. 2018. Willingness to Communicate in Korean Individualized Instruction Program.   
관리자  18-05-30
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